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Just the Laws (JTL) is simply the the most convenient way to access up to date
Canadian legislation – at your desk, or on the go.

JTL is the ideal tool for mobile practitioner, law student, law enforcement officer, or Canadian citizen who needs a quick and easy reference to a current topical collection of Canadian law related statutes.

Key Benefits:

  • Curated collections organized by topic including Criminal, Privacy, Business, Copyright, or Citizenship Law automatically updated.
  • Fast and powerful search features, intuitive navigation, notes/highlights/bookmarks, and a growing actions history!  Smooth transition of your annotations and history across updates.
  • Convenient access on any platform or device – iPhone and iPad, Android smartphones or tablets, Windows and macOS PCs and laptops!
  • Faster and easier to use than any website – and available even without an Internet connection.
  • Save thousands on comparable print titles while getting the convenience, power, and persistence of the digital format!
  • A single monthly subscription gives you access to to an expanding collection of titles – you automatically see new releases in your library as they are added!

It’s simple! Download the app, register, and choose a subscription to one of our growing number of collections.

Try Just the Laws free with a permanent subscription to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms absolutely FREE with your registration!

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What makes JTL Different?

Always Up to Date

The Law changes. A lot. Don’t worry – you’ll always have the latest content with automatic updates.

An App with a Memory

An expanding list of your actions syncs on all your devices, making it easy to pick up where you left off or find that search from last week.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Convenient access online or offline for all of your devices - PC, Tablet, or Smartphone, from a single subscription.

Lightning Fast Navigation

The ultimate professional experience: fast presentation, drag and jump scrollbar – this is what a digital experience should be.

Make it Your Own

Notes, highlights, bookmarks with automatic sync between all your devices and migration between updates.

Powerful Search

Go beyond keywords and get to the relevant information you’re looking for in an instant. Boolean, wildcard, phrase, proximity, content and annotation searches.

Why JTL?

Convenient Access and Powerful Tools

The Just the Laws collections are all about packaging and delivering the law in a convenient manner, with the right tools to allow you to quickly get to the information you’re looking for within thousands of pages of content, on any and all of your devices, in an integrated manner. You can add notes or highlights that will remain in place even as the source content is regularly updated. Our goal was to make access to the laws easy and effortless.

Regular Updates – Right from the Source

To populate the JTL collections, CogniLore has secured permission from the Government of Canada to reproduce the Department of Justice’s Consolidated Acts and Regulations. While the Department’s website is to be considered the only official source, the JTL collections are regularly updated from this content directly, and then published to our distribution server. The JTL App on your device detects when a subscription update is available and will prompt you to download the latest version – while preserving all of your notes and highlights from the previous version.

A Professional Grade Software Experience

JTL is powered by the proLibro digital distribution system – an extremely powerful reference tool that offers lightning fast access to reference information – even those that consist of thousands of pages of content. Designed as the best in breed software for digital publishing, we’re proud to bring you Just the Laws using the full features of this cutting-edge technology. For more information on the proLibro system, visit www.prolibro.com.

Developed by Digital Delivery System Experts

The proLibro system and JTL has been developed by CogniLore, a company recognized as an authority in the development of digital delivery systems. The CogniLore team has applied its deep understanding of search and content delivery technologies and the experience of having built some of the most accessed professional reference system available to create a high-performance solution for JTL.

Cohesive Multi-platform Access

When we set out to create proLibro – the underlying technology that powers the JTL system – we wanted to create a solution that would allow you to pick up and access your content on any device, anywhere you happened to be. This led us to build a system that enables access without an Internet connection, that works equally well on PCs, tablets, and smartphones, and that can synchronize the information you create by using the product – your action history and your annotations – to all of your devices, so that you’re always up to date, no matter when, where, or on what device you need to access your information.

Continuously Improving

At CogniLore, we see the JTL system launch as the starting point, not the destination. We want to make sure that we continue to add features and content that increases the value for our customers over time. We look forward to communicating with you and understanding what you need to make Just the Laws more useful to your daily workflow. Feel free to reach out to us via the Contact Form to let us know what you think of the system and how we can make it even better.


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